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Our Immigration Lawyers can answer your questions in English, Portuguese, French, Hungarian and Spanish language. Select a type of consultation to ontinue to submit your question. If you order and email consultation then you will receive an email with the answer within 2 business days. If you order a phone consultation we will send you an email with the phone number to call the lawyer to receive your consultation over the phone.


Select Consultation Type
Receive Answers by Email or during a Phone Consultation:

email consultation 15 minutes phone consultation 30 minutes phone consultation
Response within 2 days ($89) Confidential Consultation ($89) Confidential Consultation ($149)

Ask Attorney

You can use this service to submit your questions online to a licensed immigration attorney in the United States. Question can be answer by e-mail or if you prefer you can talk with an attorney over the phone. If you choose the email consultation you will receive an email with the answer during the next 2 business days after placing your order, or if you prefer to receive your answer over the phone during a phone consultation then you will receive an email the next business day with the phone number and contact information to call the attorney and discuss your immigration questions over the phone. Our attorneys offer 15 minutes or 30 minutes phone consultations. With both options you must submit your question online when placing the order so the attorney will have all your information before talking on the phone with you.

We will select an attorney for you based on your type of question and your location. Most of our clients are very satisfied with the attorney’s answers and help they are receiving through our Ask Lawyer service. Immigration applications and forms can be confusing and having an attorney reviewing your questions, forms can save you a lot of time and money. Immigration attorneys are used to deal with complex cases and to advise clients on several issues. In general we have found that most of the clients prefer the 15 minutes phone consultations, but if your questions or case are complicated it might be worth while to order a 30 minutes consultation and have more time to talk about several issues over the phone. Some customers prefer the email answers because they find that their English is not too good when speaking and prefer just to write and read e-mails instead of talking over the phone. However it is important to consider that you can submit questions online in several languages. Our attorneys speak English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, and Portuguese. After receiving answers from one of our attorneys then you can talk directly to them about retaining their legal services to help you process your application or give you additional guidance. Since immigration law is a federal matter including the whole country of the United States you can receive help from an immigration attorney based anywhere in the US, even if you are not in the US and are filing a consular application the immigration attorneys can still help you, however in general we try to match clients and attorneys based on their location if possible.

» Immigration Attorneys can answer your questions about U.S. immigration and other related issues:

  • General immigration practice and immigration procedures.
  • U.S. Visa Questions.
  • Green Card, Citizenship and Passport Questions.
  • Immigration Questions including Marriage, family petitions, visas, and immigrant visas for relatives.
  • You can submit questions in English, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, or Spanish.

All information provided will stay private and confidential.