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Change of Address

The U.S. law requires nearly all non-U.S. Citizens to report a change of address within 10 days of moving. All non-U.S. citizens who are required to be registered are also required to keep the USCIS informed of their present address.  The change of address notification to the USCIS is also mandatory for any alien who has been designated as a “special registrant” under 8 CFR § 264.1(f).

The answer to this FAQ question will give you information of how to change your address for most pending applications or petitions you have notifying the USCIS. 

– How to I change my registered address on my green card or visa?

– How to report a change of my registered address to the USCIS?

– How to change the notification address for my pending immigration application or petition?

– Can I change my registered address online?

– What is the form AR-11? how to submit my change of address paper form by mail?

– How can I change my address with the U.S. Postal Service?

Exemptions from this requirement are nonimmigrants currently in A or G status (e.g. foreign government officials and international organization aliens) and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a visa and whose current stay in the U.S. has not exceeded or will not exceed 29 days.