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Jason E. Peltz, Esq.

Jason E. Peltz is an attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Jason E. Peltz. The Law Offices of Jason E. Peltz has been serving the needs of corporations, citizens and immigrants for over a decade.

Law Degrees and Education:

Mr. Peltz earned his Bachelor Degree from the University of Michigan. He is a graduate of the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and is admitted and qualified as an attorney and counselor in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Immigration Work Experience:

Jason E. Peltz began his career as General Counsel for an Information Technology firm. He founded the Law Offices of Jason E. Peltz in 1999 in order to provide full service immigration services to immigrants and prospective immigrants throughout the United States. He provides services in various aspects of immigration law including all employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visas, all family based immigrant and non-immigrant visas, visitor visas, naturalization, political asylum and refugee applications, J waivers, and I-212 and I-601 waivers. In addition, Mr. Peltz provides aggressive immigration defense for aliens charged with crimes and immigration violations. He represents aliens throughout removal proceedings and specializes in appellate review of removal proceedings, both at the Board of Immigration Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals.

His corporate clients include Information Technology Firms, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Engineering Firms, Architecture Firms, Real Estate Corporations, Medical Facilities and more. Mr. Peltz’s work has been featured in several prominent national newspapers and news networks, including the Washington Post and Fox News.

Ask the Immigration Attorney Jason E. Peltz:

The attorney Jason E. Peltz can answer immigration questions by email or by phone from people around the world and in the U.S. Mr. Peltz is admitted to practice law in the state of Michigan and is admitted and qualified as an attorney and counselor in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Immigration law is a federal matter and therefore this attorney is able to represent companies and individuals from any location in the US or abroad in their US immigration cases. Further, he is allowed to represent individuals before the USCIS, the Department of Labor and other government agencies. His law firm has represented individuals across the entire country and from around the world.

This lawyer can assist clients and answer questions online pertaining to employment visas, family visas, naturalization, immigration/criminal issues, waivers, and defense against removal/deportation.

Sample Questions and Answers from Lawyer Jason E. Peltz, Esq.:

Question: Dear Immigration Lawyer, I am currently employed on an H-1B visa, my first, with a company that I have been with for over a year. I have just obtained an offer to work for another company. If that company files my H-1B visa can I begin working for them immediately, or do I have to wait for the new H-1B visa to be approved?

Answer: Good news. There is a provision within U.S. immigration law that provides for what is called “H-1B Portability.” So long as the new petition is a legitimate filing, and you haven’t worked without authorization, you can begin working while the visa petition is pending, so you do not have to wait for the approval.

Question: I am a United States citizen engaged to be married to a woman from Japan. I wish to sponsor her either through a fiance visa or, pending a marriage, via a marriage petition. I have heard that I will need to provide an affidavit of financial support for my wife. Is this the case? I am currently unemployed and worried that I will not meet the required minimum annual income for the affidavit, and also I don’t have any assets. Is it possible to obtain a joint sponsor?

Answer: Congratulations on your engagement. You certainly have some options. You can petition for your fiance as a K-3 non-immigrant visa holder, or, if you happen to get married, you will be able to file directly for her permanent residence (green card). In both cases, you will have to provide an affidavit of support and there are minimum annual income requirements. However, if your income fails to qualify for whatever reason, which is quite common, you can obtain a joint sponsor. This joint sponsor can be any citizen of the United States or green card holder. Many individuals are reluctant to participate as joint sponsors because they are worried they are obligating themselves to financially support your wife for years, but this is not quite how it works, and it is generally a low risk proposition. You should have no trouble finding a joint sponsor. If need be, I would be glad to discuss the matter with them, to ensure that they are comfortable with the obligations a joint sponsor ensues. In short, I don’t expect it to be a barrier to getting your fiancé over to the U.S. to be with you at all.

Question: Mr. Peltz, I am preparing a naturalization application for myself. Unfortunately, last year I was pulled over for drunk driving. Is this a traffic violation or an arrest? ?

Answer: CA first-time drunk driving charge, in any state in the United States, is generally a misdemeanor. This means it is indeed a criminal charge. It is crucial that you disclose any drunk driving as an arrest, even if you were not subsequently convicted. One single drunk driving conviction by itself does not preclude the possibility of eventually obtaining citizenship, although it may become an issue if the officer believes you have a dependency problem. The specific consequences of filing in your case would depend on the exact nature of the arrest (ex. first drunk driving, no injuries to others as a result). I would suggest you consult and/or retain an attorney in your case to ensure you are doing things right. In cases similar to yours, it is often not the criminal charge that gets people in trouble, it is the failure to properly disclose the information on the application that becomes the big issue. The most important thing is that you asked me the question, because you are now in a position to ensure that you do the right thing for your future interests.

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