Immigration FAQ Frequently Asked Questions



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  1. Green Card or Lawful Permanent Resident Card Information
  2. Green Card through Marriage
  3. Green Card for Family Relatives
  4. Green Card through Employment
  5. Green Card for Students
  6. Green Card for Investors
  7. Green Card through Adoption
  8. Green Card Renewal, Replacement, Expired and Lost Green Card
  9. For how long can I live outside of the U.S. and keep my Green Card Valid?
  10. Green Card Change of Registered Address
  11. DV Green Card Lottery
  12. Temporary Admission for Residence
  13. Advance Parole to Travel Outside of the U.S.
  14. Medical Examination for Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status
  15. Green Card Documents and Forms
  16. Citizenship for Green Card Holders
  17. Green Card Update including change of name