Ask Lawyer’s Network Benefits

1.  This is a great way to promote your legal services and receive online exposure. Your professional Lawyer information will be posted on the Ask Lawyer’s Network Directory on this website, including your legal area of specialization, law education and degrees, a personal picture, and your location. If you want to get additional exposure you can also provide free immigration tips and articles to post online on this website. Also your profile will be included in several affiliated websites that help us promote our attorneys.

2.  Potential clients will be able to ask you immigration questions online or by phone and pay online a relatively low fee ($89-$149 per email or phone answer) with our Ask Lawyer system, and you can reply with your answer by email or the client can choose to receive the answer over the phone.

3.  Obtain additional fees from clients that would like to hire your firm to provide legal services for them, especially if they like the answers and information tyou have provided. We do not ask for any commision for the additional services you provide to these clients after answering their questions.

4.  Ask Lawyer website has a team of online marketing specialists and a marketing program with high ranking websites that produces massive online traffic. Benefit from our investment in online advertisement campaigns.  By becoming part of our network your internet presence will increase and the opportunity to promote your services to your target market.

5.  To join is free of charge, we do no charge any type of membership fee.  We will publish online and post information about you and your law firm at no cost for you.  We cover our costs and profit, receiving the per-question service fee that customers will pay to ask you questions online, as a compensation for our operational, advertisement and processing services.

6.  We have a sophisticated online system, with customer support 7 days a week, so that customers can ask you questions online and receive full support from our customer service team.

How our system works?

If you are a reputable, licenced, accredited and specialized immigration lawyer we invite you to apply free of charge to be part of our Ask Lawyer network and receive online promotion and advertisement with this online business designed to help customers and immigration lawyers come together online.   Clients are able to Ask Immigration Questions to Lawyers, and obtain general immigration information.  We have created a sophisticated online system so clients can ask immigration questions online to immigration attorneys, and then the attorney answer the questions by email or by phone.

Step 1.   The Client access our website, review each attorney’s profile, and selects a Lawyer to Ask a Question with our online form.  Then our customer service department process each order, and forward the questions to the lawyer by e-mail, along with all the contact information for the customer.

Step 2.   After receiving the email, the lawyer should answer the client’s question by email of by phone after one business day.  The attorney will receive the client’s phone number and email in case of aditional information requiired and also to save the client’s contact information to offer legal services. In the case of phone consultations we offer to clients two options: 15 or 30 minutes phone consultations, instead of having the attorney answering by email, the customer will call the attorney who will answer the client’s questions over the phone.

The Lawyer will receive an e-mail consultation fee for each answer that he provides to the customers. Ask a Lawyer service fees are relatively low to make the service affordable and appealing for new customers (between $89 and $149 depending if the service is offered in our website or affiliated website). You authorize us to retain these fees as a compensation for our services.

The real value and profit for the attorney would be to attract new clients through this service. We expect that a percentage of the satisfied clients will decide to hire the lawyer to take over their case or application and order additional legal services, producing revenues for the attorney.

As an additional benefit we will post a profile with information about each attorney, helping enhance his presence and credibility on the internet, not only in our website, but also in very high ranking affiliated websites that help us promote the Ask Lawyer service.

What do we ask from you?

–  Your commitment to provide extended answers for email and phone questions the best you can, in 1 business day after receiving the question.  If the client has an additional question about your answer please provide a second brief answer about the same topic or your reply. It is fine if part of your answer is template-based to save you time, as long as it covers the complete customer’s question. We also ask you to provide a bio and picture in order for us to create and publish your online profile.

What do we offer?

  • A complete and advanced online system with 7 days a week customer service.
  • A strategic alliance with several related websites to produce new clients, traffic and support to the Ask Lawyer Service and at the same time additional online promotion of your name and your law firm.
  • An investment in online promotions and advertisements on major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.
  • To be part of an expanding network with immigration lawyers around the country and international territories, with upcoming new business opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming part of Ask Lawyer’s network please contact us.