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Immigration Lawyer

Ask a U.S. Immigration Lawyer - We will Select a Lawyer to Answer your Questions.

We work with several law firms. Our Immigration Lawyers can answer your questions in English, Portuguese, French, Hungarian and Spanish language. Select a type of consultation to ontinue to submit your question. If you order and email consultation then you will receive an email with the answer within 2 business days. If you order a phone consultation we will send you an email with the phone number to call the lawyer to receive your consultation over the phone.



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If you select this option, just go continue to step two to write your question and we will select a Lawyer to answer your question. Your questions may include topics like us immigration including forms, change of address, Residence (Green Card) for immediate relatives, or Green Card through employment, investment, or other categories, questions about conditional status, employment in the United States, labor certification, citizenship, the citizenship test, non-immigrant visas like the b1 and b2 business and tourist visa; or Immigrant visas, work visas. Questions about student visas, case status, deportation (removal), immigration to the US as an investor, marriage, family, divorce from the immigration point of view, and any other topic related to US immigration. The Lawyer can also help you answering questions about consular processing, about the USCIS and other immigration related organizations or departments. Derivative status for relatives, adoption, children, step parents and immigration processing in general. All the lawyers answering questions online can also help you to process your case, even if you are not located on the same city, they can review your case, submit documents for you, and act as your attorney in Law. .

Our Immigration Lawyers can answer your questions in English, French, Hungarian and Spanish language.

» Immigration Attorneys can answer your questions about U.S. immigration and other related issues:

  • You can ask about Human Resource  and Business Immigration
  • U.S. Visa Questions including U.S. Education, Business, Jobs and Investment
  • U.S. Citizenship and Passport Questions  Green Cards Questions including Marriage, Relatives, Adoption
  • Immigration Forms, Labor Certification, Case Status and Change of Address.

All information provided will stay private and confidential.

Immigration FAQs

  1. U.S. Citizenship Questions
  2. Green Card Questions
  3. U.S. Visa Questions
  4. U.S. Passport Questions
  5. U.S. Education Questions
  6. Immigration Forms
  7. Jobs, Business & Finance
  8. Government Agencies
  9. Immigration Questions including Case Status and Change of Address
Answers to FAQs are not based on a specific case, were not written by an attorney and are provided for informational purposes only.

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